Oregon Coast

I’ve been so MIA, but I have been traveling visiting family for 39 days! Oh boy was it a blast, there is pretty much nothing that makes me happier then spending time with the people I love the most – family is seriously everything to me! Above are photos from the Oregon coast, it’s a magical but very cold place- don’t bring your bathing suit. Then a random silly photo of aaron and I from our first date (without kids) since last December. Yes, you read that correctly, its been an entire year!

We were so lucky to spend such a long time visiting my parents, my parents in law, my grandparents, some of my cousins, and my brothers and sister. Brady had a blast and is already asking when we’re going back, he loves playing with his uncles SO MUCH… they constantly tackle each other and its adorable, reminds me of being young with my brothers. My sister would read him books and put him down for bed, it was so sweet! He got to hang out with his two cousins, one of which is a brand new little baby 😊 We drank so much good Oregon wines and as always had the party of the year at my parents house for new years eve- its WILD! We had four different balloon drops and all of our great family friends, the ones we’ve known forever and love the most. I also got to spend time with my best girlfriends, the ones that always know how to make me laugh forever and be weird with me. Oh and Brady went skiing for the first time and loved it, it made my heart so happy… I may of shed a tear watching him speed down the bunny hill. His favorite thing was going super fast and running into the sign at the bottom of the hill that says “SLOW”.

This week I went to an information session at a charter school nearby, like walking distance close! I’m really excited because it’s a very diverse school and they have pre-k. Although I’m very nervous about getting into it, because its lottery based and they have about 20 spots and 300 applications, so that’s probably not gonna happen for us ☹. Prayers that Brady gets in by some miracle though, he would love to be able to walk to school in our favorite building- it has an old movie theater in it and my favorite coffee shop and it’s in an old mill building that was a shoe factory a very long time ago. Its so cool!


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